Coral Reefs and Climate Change Education Materials

coral reefs climate change book

Coral Reefs and Climate Change
The guide for education and awareness
Craig Reid, Justin Marshall, Dave Logan and Diana Kleine
262 pages, 205 x 260 mm
Publisher : CoralWatch, The University of Queensland, Brisbane (2012)
Paperback – ISBN 9780646590851 – AU $59.50 (includes $5.41 GST)
Includes Coral Health Chart

The book focuses on coral reefs, the astonishing abundance of life within them and the impacts of climate change on this beautiful environment. Its aim is to inform, educate and enable people to begin to question the future that we are creating right now. It combines some of the latest scientific research with informative imagery to cover topics such as oceanography, coral reef biology, the issues of climate change and suggestions for ways forward.  For educators, students, reef enthusiasts and anyone interested finding out more about reefs.

DVD cover

Coral Reefs and Climate Change
Educational Video Series
Illustrated through animated diagrams and photos, interviews with scientists, clear language, and footage from around the globe, this series brings concepts from the book to life. Each of these 22 videos (3-8 min each) explores a key topic in oceanography, coral reef ecology, climate change science, and reef conservation. Suited to use in a variety of settings, this series may be used independently or in conjunction with other CoralWatch education materials.
Published in 2012 - ISBN 9780646579429 - AU $29.50 (includes $2.68GST)
Available together with the book as package for AU $79.50

Bahasa Indonesia book cover

Coral Reefs and Climate Change
Bahasa Indonesia Edition

Terumbu Karang dan Perubahan Iklim
Panduan Pendidikan dan Pembangunan Kesadartahuan
Adapted from the english by: Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kelautan dan Perikanan
Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan, Indonesia
272 pages, 205 x 260 mm
Publisher : CoralWatch, The University of Queensland, Brisbane (2009)
Paperback – ISBN 9780646556192 – AU $22.50
Includes Coral Health Chart
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coral reefs and climate change workbook

Coral Reefs and Climate Change
Workbook with 130 activities for the classroom, field or lab. It is useful for teachers; however is not just for schools, but for anyone wishing to explore the reef.
130 pages, A4, ringbind
Publisher: CoralWatch, The University of Queensland, Brisbane (2009) AU $35.00

Coral Health Chart

Coral Health Chart

The Coral Health Chart - accompanying the English and Bahasa book - is a flexible tool that allows you to contribute to a global reef database by monitoring coral health in the field or classroom by simply comparing the colour of a coral with the colours on the chart and recording the matching codes. Read more


Coral Reefs and Climate Change Activity CD

Activity CD
The activities and extra resources on the CD (English only) allow you to explore what is happening and why, discover positive solutions and the steps we need to take immediately to safeguard reef systems worldwide.

  • PDF of Coral Reefs and Climate Change workbook
  • CoralWatch monitoring materials: data sheets, seminar, DIY kit, coral photos
  • Education materials: conceptual models, reef life ID charts, virtual tools
  • Project AWARE fact sheets
  • Further reading materials: papers, manuals
Download full contents page of the Activity CD as pdf

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