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Amalya Valle

This thread is for telling us about your events. Please copy and paste the following form into your reply.

Your name: Amalya Valle

Others involved/assistants: Marine Science Teacher at St Teresa’s.

Event date/time: June 28, 2018

Event name: Marine Science Class, St Teresas

Event location: St Teresas

Event description: Marine Science Class, St Teresas

Total number of visitors: 9

Number of people engaged with: 8 student / 1 teacher

Other citizen science groups involved: None

What worked well: The teacher requested that the class was coral centered with a small section on CoralWatch but not entirely focused on CoralWatch. I bought in some coral skeletons and some other marine fossils and shells, as well as some tanks of seaweed from work that the students really enjoyed.

What didn’t work well: Nothing really. The whole event went well.

Did you have enough materials: Yes.

Any costs involved: Just transportation/fuel

Would you organize this again: HELL YES

Any future spin-offs: Definitely. But in the brainstorming phase.

Other comments: N/a

Event website:

Event Social Media #tags: The teacher posted about it on the marine science teachers of Australia facebook group and seemed to get a lot of positive attention.

Upload/Attach 2 photos: