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Amalya Valle

Your name: Amalya Valle

Others involved/assistants: Maddy, Sheridan, Reef Check and the Moreton Bay environmental education center.

Event date/time: August 13, 2018

Event name: School Holiday Educational Boat Trip – quiz with prizes, and a presentation.

Event location: Moreton Bay

Event description: School Holiday Educational Boat Trip

Total number of visitors: Two separate trips, both with approximately 15-20 passengers.

Number of people engaged with: 15-20 students and children / 15-20 teachers and parents /5 others

Other citizen science groups involved: Reef Check

What worked well: The quiz! People learned a lot and seemed keen on winning prizes.

What didn’t work well: The virtual reef. People were interested in other things instead and walked all over it because there wasn’t a lot of room on the boat.

Did you have enough materials: yes

Any costs involved: Transport/Fuel

Would you organize this again: Yes

Any future spin-offs: Not really

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