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    Moreton Bay Environmental Expo on February 17th from 0800-1400.

    We have 221 people going to the island to clean it up with all the debris coming back to the park for an audit under the Australian Marine Debris Initiative Database system. We also have media coming down to talk see the hand over from Joan Pease to us of our new hard plastic shredder and to officially launch our Cleaning Station System. So it should create a good deal of attention.

    All we are asking is for each of you to set up a display where the community can come and talk to you about what you are doing for Moreton Bay.

    At present we have a commitment from QPWS, Sea Shepherd, Redcliffe Environmental Forum, CVA, Reef Check Australia and the MBEEC. We would love more of you involved and with the passer by traffic from the Manly Markets next door and our proposed marketing of this event in the media, I am sure this is a great opportunity to gain more coverage and volunteers for your amazing efforts in the bay.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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