Coral Reefs and Climate Change DVD
June 11, 2018
Coral Reefs and Climate Change workbook
January 9, 2019

Book and DVD Set


Includes a Coral Health Chart (with the book) Set has the book ‘Coral Reefs and Climate Change: the Guide for Education and Awareness’  and DVD ‘Coral Reefs and Climate Change’  (also available individually). Price includes GST.

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Book: The book focuses on coral reefs, the astonishing abundance of life within them and the impacts of climate change on this beautiful environment. Its aim is to inform, educate and enable people to begin to question the future that we are creating right now. It combines some of the latest scientific research with informative imagery to cover topics such as oceanography, coral reef biology, the issues of climate change and suggestions for ways forward.  For educators, students, reef enthusiasts and anyone interested finding out more about reefs.

Each book comes with a complimentary Coral Health Chart and DIY-instructions.

DVD: Illustrated through animated diagrams and photos, interviews with scientists, clear language, and footage from around the globe, this series brings concepts from the book to life. Each of these 22 videos (3-8 min each) explores a key topic in oceanography, coral reef ecology, climate change science, and reef conservation. Suited to use in a variety of settings, this series may be used independently or in conjunction with other CoralWatch education materials.

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