Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in saving reefs and anyone can help. Read below for more information and find out how you can participate.

Citizen Scientists

Anyone can collect valuable reef data.
You don’t have to be a scientist to get involved. Get started today by downloading a ‘Do-it-Yourself” kit (available in 12 languages).
The CoralWatch Coral Health Chart can’t be printed, the colours represent real coral colours. You need to take an original chart in the field. Online you can apply for a free initial chart.
If you need more copies, you can order them from our online shop.


Attend an event or workshop.
Regularly CoralWatch organises community events and workshops raising awareness about the importance of coral reefs and why we need to look after them. Meet us at an event and admire reef art, hold a real coral skeleton, immerse yourself in the world of corals through Virtual Reality or join us on a trip to the reef.
If you want to organise an event in your area, we can help.


We help you pass on your knowledge.
CoralWatch produces education materials to share the beauty and importance of reefs. These include the ‘Coral Reefs and Climate Change’ book and DVD, reef education packages and curriculum linked lesson plans. We also organise tailor-made teacher personal development workshops.
Find out more on our education pages, download education materials or purchase items from our online shop.


Organise your own event/activity.
The CoralWatch Ambassador program provides the opportunity to be part of a citizen science community that cares for corals and reef conservation. During the workshop you will learn what’s happening to our reefs and how you can deliver positive messages to inspire audiences to act. You will help to collect and analyse CoralWatch data, share results and educate others about the importance of reefs by attending and organising events and activities in your area.

Dive Centres

Dive Companions care for corals.
Dive Centres can become a CoralWatch Dive Companion, a community looking after local reefs. You will receive a welcome kit to get involved and start collecting valuable data on the reef. Instructors can offer the PADI Coral Health Chart distinctive specialty. Your centre will be affiliated with a well-established worldwide citizen science organisation. CoralWatch exists 20 years and has outreach in >80 countries .

PADI CoralWatch distinctive specialty.
In conjunction with PADI and Project AWARE, CoralWatch developed the PADI approved ‘CoralWatch Coral Health Chart Distinctive Specialty’. Aiming at reef enthusiasts and allowing instructors to teach coral monitoring and data collection.


Donate or Invest in a future for reefs.
CoralWatch is a not-for-profit organisation and needs your support to engage more people in reef conservation and continue our efforts in educating our younger generations.
A donation online will sustain our global network of volunteers, continue our engagement activities and help distribute reef education materials to communities around the world.
We also offer corporate sponsorship packages, providing you with a way to invest in our reefs while also harnessing effective marketing opportunities.
Gifts and donations are tax deductible in Australia and many other countries.