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Helping raise the scientists of the future.
As a teacher you can play a vital role in marine conservation. You can help the reef by sharing the latest science about reef ecosystems and involving students in reef monitoring. CoralWatch provides the tools you need to engage students in marine science and reef monitoring.
Ultimate teaching package

Year 7-12 Science, Biology, Marine Science

This package includes: Book ‘Coral Reefs and Climate Change: the Guide for Education and Awareness’ and accompanying DVD and Workbook, Activity CD
Monitoring materials: 25 x Coral Health Chart, waterproof data slate, pencil and full instructions plus 5 thermometers
Promotional materials: 25 x ‘Get involved’ flyer, sticker and postcard 1 x ‘Get involved in CoralWatch today’ poster.
Education materials: 2 x ‘Virtual Reef’ poster, Booklet ‘Virtual Reef’and 'Virtual Lab', FAQ's flyer, Scientific paper.
All packed in document folder and CoralWatch bag.