Survey Methods

The Coral Health Chart can be used while diving, snorkeling or reefwalking. You can choose a monitoring method that suits your skills, experience and location. Most people use the random survey method.

Random survey

Select corals randomly.
Swim in an imaginary line and choose the closest coral after every second fin kick ( or every second step when walking).

Transect survey

Select corals by following a line (transect) and record your findings every few meters.
Make sure that the transect has no affect on marine life.

Permanent transect/Easy to identify

Select corals you can easily recognise and return to. A permanent transect would give you the opportunity to monitor the same corals over time. CoralWatch has established 2 permanent transect on Heron Island and one on Lady Elliot Island.

There is no strict protocol that you must follow when using the Coral Health Chart. We encourage you to develop your own methodology and incorporate the Chart to suit your needs, be it research, education, or mere curiosity. Use the chart to measure coral bleaching while on a relaxing dive, to regularly monitor corals along permanent transects for a science project, or simply to assess the current status of your local reef. Please do remember to enter your data with our data entry app or directly on our website.

Collecting Your data
For more information on what data to collect and how to enter it, go to the next page.