Marine Science

Year 11/12 Lesson plan and worksheets

Healthy reefs – from polyp to policy

Current year 11/12 lesson plan
Marine science syllabus 2013

A 10-week unit plan containing lessons and activities that allow students to explore the definitions and determinants of reef health from how the biology of corals is influenced by the environment, through to local and regional approaches to management of reef threats. The unit plan can be used as a full block, or flexible, to suit your needs.

  • Marine Science senior syllabus 2013, QLD, Australia
  • Includes: 15 classroom lessons, 10 field activities, 4 assignments
  • Topics: coral biology, marine biodiversity, reef habitats, health of reefs, local and global threats, marine management, sustainability, citizen science, marine research, Coralwatch, risk assessment

Marine Systems – connections and change

New Year 12 worksheets
Marine Science 2019

General senior syllabus
Worksheets under construction, new activities will be regular uploaded.
• Includes: classroom lessons, field and lab activities

Download example datatest with CoralWatch data