Our Team

CoralWatch is based at The University of Queensland, Australia, and is supported by members all over the world. Find out more about our team and our enthusiastic Ambassadors.

Prof. Justin Marshall

Chief Investigator

"The time for thought and discussion is over and the time for action and tough decisions is here"

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Diana Kleine

Project Manager

"Isn’t it great to have a job where you can show, and teach people about, the amazing underwater world and help to preserve it? "

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Karen Johnson

Outreach assistant

"The marine environment fills me with a sense of unbridled joy. "

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Marta Panero

Social Media / Outreach assistant

“I have always been very passionate about understanding how the marine ecosystem works and about the biology and ecology of marine creatures.”

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Our Ambassadors

CoralWatch works with a team of very passionate Ambassadors. They are located along the Queensland coast and can help you with local activities and events.