Indonesia is home to more than 2 million hectares of reefs.

Coral reefs are an important food source for Indonesia, and provide a number of important ecological services. However, many reefs across the region are at risk of degradation, often related to anthropogenic impact. Ensuring the future health of reefs and maintaining the ecological services they provide requires a range of reef management strategies. Education is an important component of effective reef management, as it contributes to support for various management initiatives and may influence behaviours at an individual and community level. CoralWatch has developed various Reef Education materials for use in Indonesian schools, conservation groups and other educational settings.

CoralWatch Reef Education materials in Bahasa Indonesia

Education Book – Terumbu Karang dan Perubahan Iklim
In 2011, the book published by CoralWatch (Coral Reefs and Climate Change) was translated into Bahasa Indonesia (Terumbu Karang dan Perubahan Iklim) in collaboration with Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Jakarta.

Picture: Booklaunch Jakarta May 2011. Photo from left to right; Australian Ambassador Greg Moriarty, Minister for Environment, Minister for Marine Affairs and Fisheries Fadel Muhammad and Vice Chancellor of The University of Queensland Paul Greenfield.

Reef Education Package – Paket Pendidikan Terumbu Karang Indonesia

The Reef Education package was developed in 2012. It includes a workbook, coral health chart and data slate, virtual reef, Do It Yourself instructions and CD. This package is unfortunately out of print but all materials are available for downloading. Contact us if you like a downloadable copy of the book ‘Terumbu Karang dan Perubuhan Iklim’.

Pictures: The education package was launched in May 2012 at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta and distributed to various teachers and students on Sulawesi, Java and Bali.

Reef Education Package – Documents for downloading

CoralWatch workshops in Indonesia

CoralWatch has conducted several workshops in Indonesia to communities and staff and students at various universities. Collaborators: Udayana University, Bali, Hasanuddin University Makassar, Christian University of Tomohon, Manado, Australian Embassy Jakarta.

Picture: CoralWatch workshop at Barang Lompo with students and staff from Hasanuddin University, September 2011

CoralWatch data entry APP

CoralWatch – in collaboration with MetroWeb Services, Bogor, Indonesia – has developed an APP to promote easier data upload for iPhone and Android.

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