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CoralWatch is a not-for-profit citizen science program based at The University of Queensland working with volunteers worldwide to increase understanding of coral reefs, coral bleaching and climate change.

CoralWatch developed the Coral Health Chart in 2002. The chart standardises changes in coral colours, and provides a simple way for people to quantify coral health and contribute to the CoralWatch global database. The Coral Health Chart is used by dive centres, schools, conservation groups, tourists, and scientists. To get involved simply download a Do-it-Yourself kit, request a Coral Health Chart and you are ready to start monitoring.

CoralWatch also conducts regular workshops for communities, teachers and students, and has developed a range of high quality educational materials such as books, dvd, and curriculum linked lesson plans. Many of these are freely available.
All this work would not be possible without our sponsors. We thank you for your generosity.
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Captive corals are spawning! For the first time ever, scientists in Florida were successfully able to coax an Atlantic coral species to spawn in captivity! This breakthrough will help our understanding of coral reproduction and open the possibility of replanting coral reefs in the wild.

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