Save reefs from home
Worldwide reefs are in trouble and the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) lost 50% of its coral cover in the past 2 year.
People are often unaware of the magnitude of this problem and the fact that they can help from their homes to save reefs.


Adopt seven areas of LIFE-CHANGE with actions that make a difference!

*Reduce food waste
* Eat veggies
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*Reduce energy at home
* Reduce energy globally
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* Avoid packaging, recycle
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Its easy to feel anxious and
overwhelmed by the issues of global warming and climate change. And, you might find it hard to believe that your individual contribution can make a difference but healing the environment starts with the decisions you make at home, in the kitchen, in the garden,
at the shops and in the environment. Small actions accumulate.

“Little drops of water make the mighty ocean” Julia Carney


*Local travel
* Global travel
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*Conversations / Actions
* Voting power
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*Kids in nature / girl power
* Biophilia / citizen science
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*Restore ecosystems
* Blue carbon
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Corals in the Outback – Sustainability tour

As part of National Science week 2018, CoralWatch engaged with communities between Mt Isa and Longreach presenting the latest reef science, creating reef awareness and provide suggestions on how they can help through presentations, displays and screenings of the Netflix documentary Chasing Coral, from the makers of the Emmy Award-winning Chasing Ice. Virtual reality will provide a realistic reef experience, connecting participants with the reef.