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CoralWatch Coral Health Chart Distinctive Specialty

The goals of the CoralWatch Coral Health Chart Distinctive Specialty course training are:
1. To raise awareness about the importance of coral reef conservation and introduce CoralWatch.
2. To inform students about coral reef impacts such as coral bleaching.
3. To introduce the Coral Health Chart as a monitoring tool.
4. To provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to identify coral health and record data
5. To enable students to plan, organize and execute a Coral Health Chart survey in a safe manner for both students and the environment.
6. To emphasise the importance of Coral Health Chart monitoring activities and provide coral reef conservation opportunities through participation in PADI AWARE’s Foundation CoralWatch Project
7. To submit coral health data, contributing to science and conservation.
The education materials for Coral Health Chart Distinctive Specialty course training are:
1. Knowledge Development Session 1: coral biology, coral bleaching and the threats to coral reefs.
2. Knowledge Development Session 2: how to conduct a Coral Health Survey and how to upload data in the global database.
3. Virtual Practice Survey.
4. Knowledge Review.
Email CoralWatch for access to these materials.
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If you are a PADI Instructor and are interested in applying for the instructor rating all you need to do is

- submit the online application form to CoralWatch
- wait for approval of your application from CoralWatch and send the signed application form together with your instructor application to your local PADI Training Department

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