Corals at Your Doorstep

Moreton Bay – Capricorn Coast – Coral Coast

CoralWatch started the ‘Corals at your Doorstep’ program in 2016 to raise more awareness about coastal reefs and rocky areas close to shore within easy access of local communities. These marine areas are an important home to coral, seagrass and mangrove habitats that support diverse marine species and ecosystem services such as tourism, education, and commercial and recreational fishing.
Our original ‘Moreton Bay – Corals at Your Doorstep’ education package was produced in 2016 to showcase Brisbane’s coastal marine environment and its importance. Following onto the success of this package, we produced the Capricorn Coast – Corals at Your Doorstep education package in 2019 and the Coral Coast – Corals at Your Doorstep education package in 2020.
We have designed these materials to be informative and form a lasting resource with a range of opportunities for teachers, students and community to participate in local environmental monitoring activities. Most materials including curriculum linked lessons can be downloaded FOC from this website and upon request we have hardcopies available.

Moreton Bay ‘Corals at Your Doorstep’ Education Package

Capricorn Coast ‘Corals at Your Doorstep’ Education Package

Coral Coast ‘Corals at Your Doorstep’ Education Package

Community events

We often organise a Corals at your Doorstep community events.
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