CoralWatch Global Database

Data reports – various locations and contributors.


Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef
CoralWatch was developed on Heron Island in 2002 and we have been collecting data since 2003 around the island. The report shows an overview of all data and 6 sites commonly visited by school groups.


Utila Dive Centre
Utila Dive Centre is CoralWatch highest contributor and has been collecting data from July 2007 conducting 4482 surveys up-to-date. (November 2022)


Koh Tao
There are several dive centres very active on Eco Koh Tao; Eco Koh Tao, Black Turtle Dive, Coral Tribe collecting data on a regular base.

Community report cards – Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

Two-page A4 providing an overview of all CoralWatch data from various area, including data outcomes, contributors, coral photos and general info.

Reports from users


Eco Koh Tao
Eco Koh Tao Dive Centre (orignally Crystal Dive) has been collecting CoralWatch data since 2008. In 2010 they experienced a bleaching event and created this report.


Um Al-Maradim Island
The Kuwait Diving Team have recorded a widescale bleaching occurrence of coral reef on the shores of Um Al-Maradim Island southeast of the country. Read more about their findings.


Southern Great Barrier Reef
The Remote Sensing Research Center mapping team based at UQ includes CoralWatch surveys in all their fieldtrips in Australia but also overseas. See below just one of their many reports highlighting the work they do.

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