Getting Ready

Follow these easy steps to get ready for your survey.


Print and read the Do It Yourself Instructions.
These are available in 13 languages.

Print instructions


Apply for a hardcopy of the Coral Health Chart. For quality control reasons it is not possible to print your own chart - printers vary in colours.

Request initial chart


To record your data, either
• Print the datasheet on waterproof paper
• Order data slates from CoralWatch
• Create your own data slate

Print datasheet


Submit all your data directly on this website!

For details on entering, editing, downloading data e.g. you can download instructions.

Submit data
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Using the Chart

The Coral Health Chart records changes in coral colour, and provides a simple tool for people to monitor coral colour as an indicator of coral health.
To find out how to use it in more detail, click here to go to the next page.

How to use the Chart