Education materials

As a teacher you can play a vital role in marine conservation. You can help the reef by sharing the latest science about reef ecosystems and involving students in reef monitoring. CoralWatch provides the tools and the training you need to engage students in marine science and reef monitoring. CoralWatch has developed classroom and field resources including Australian curriculum linked materials. Many can be downloaded for free, others can be purchased in our online shop.
“‘From Polyp to Policy’ is a brilliant unit that is quite flexible for teachers to use for a variety of time frames including a single term unit or a fully integrated semester unit. It is a detailed unit plan full of interesting activities for students to do, including all the resources you will need to deliver it. The diagrams and pictures that support each unit reflect the standard we see in the Coral Reefs and Climate Change textbook. The unit is very easy for teachers to pick and choose topics to cover and can be presented with or without a field trip. Congratulations to the team for making such a useful tool for teachers.”
Kelly Kilah

St. Teresa’s Catholic College & Marine Teachers Association of Queensland