Instructions for Newsletter link in Quick Menu

The Quick Menu is what is called a widget in the footer bar. To change it, go to the side bar, find Appearance and then click on WIDGET option under it.
Find the widget that is called FOOTER 1.
Click on the expand arrow next to it and you will see that the contents of that footer opens up. This is where you edit it. Scroll down until you find NEWSLETTER.
When you click on the Latest Newsletter heading, a url link box will open up. It should already have a link in it from the previous newsletter.
To change the newsletter there is two ways you can do it..
1. Click on the edit pencil and the existing url address will be highlighted. Just paste the new address there instead and click apply (the right angle arrow).
2. Delete the existing link by clicking on the broken chain symbol. This will keep the words Latest Newsletter there but you will now see that it no longer has a hyperlink because the writing is just plain black, not blue and underlined.
To add the new newsletter page link, highlight the Latest Newsletter title, then click on the chain icon. An empty url box will pop up and that is where you paste your new link.
Make sure you save and you are done!