Instructions for Publications


1. Under the heading for "CoralWatch Papers and Reports" you will see a box for Citations and then repeated boxes called either PUBLICATION BLUE or PUBLICATION WHITE.
The entries have to go in blue and white from most recent to oldest. As I am assuming you are going to be adding the most recent reports, you will be adding them to the top. See which colour entry is at the top. In the case of the example it is blue so you are going to add your report in white. Find the nearest PUBLICATION WHITE box and clone it by clicking the square-with-arrow icon in the top right corner of the box. (You want to clone the warp box which is purple not the item box which is blue.)
2. You will now see two identical boxes of PUBLICATION WHITE. Hover your mouse over the top bar and you will see it turn into a MOVE icon (a cross with arrows). Hold it down and move it above the BLUE PUBLICATIONS bar but under the CITATIONS bar.
3. Now you will edit the information and the year. You do this by clicking on the pencil icon in the right top corner of the individual columns (the blue boxes).
4. First we are going to edit the information. Just replace the existing information with the new details.
5. Scroll down the side of the box to the bottom and click the SAVE CHANGES button.
6. Now edit the YEAR column. Change the year in both places as indicated.
7. If you want to delete an entry, click on the X in the top right corner. The one indicate in red deletes the whole box, including both columns.
The ones in blue just delete the individual boxes, but I would not recommend this way. If you need to delete an entry, remove the whole thing.
8. Finally update the whole page. Scroll back to the top and click the UPDATE button.
If you want to view your changes you can select the PREVIEW CHANGES button.
(For some reason this template stores caches so if you already have a preview open, it mightn't update the preview properly. I find it best to PREVIEW CHANGES, close the preview page down that is loading, then choose PREVIEW again.)


1. To add a whole new year, press the clone icon in the top right corner. It should then reproduce that whole section with all of the formatting, including YEAR, CITATION an PUBLICATION (blue and white). You can then edit the individual items.
2. To edit the Year, click the edit pencil icon in the top right corner of the item.
3. Change the year in the two places indicated. (Do not change the font formatting on either side of the year in the content box.)

To add publications, follow the instructions further up about cloning the publication wraps, keeping in mind to alternate the blue and white columns.

4. Edit the publication contents, by clicking on the edit pencil icon. Enter the publication name here as indicated.
5. Change the name of the journal as indicated. Do not alter the formatting on either side.
If in doubt, the journal name should be ended with a less than symbol followed by a forward slash followed by an a followed by a greater than symbol
The journal name will be preceded by the link formatting which will end in ">
So journal name will look like this "> example journal name... less than symbol followed by a forward slash followed by the letter a followed by a greater than symbol
6. Now you are going to enter the url link of the journal. as seen in the picture.
It will be the url precede by less than symbol, letter a, href equals " and followed by ">
7. If in doubt, another way to format the link is by using the link button seen in the content box menu that looks like a chain.
In text without any formatting, highlight the journal name then click the chain icon.
You with see formatting appear before the journal name that looks like this. Where the hash is, is where you with paste the url.