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CoralWatch organises many teacher workshops to make you familiar with CoralWatch teaching materials.

Upcoming Teacher PD

Taking a closer look at corals - 2 places left - registrations close by February 8
7-10 March 2019 - Lady Elliot Island, QLD, Australia. Sign up now for early bird prices (available till 15 Dec).
A four-day practical professional development on Lady Elliot, focusing on coral biology, reef health and threats, coral bleaching, citizen science and the importance of reef conservation. Learn how to collect and interpret CoralWatch data and identify trends using the CoralWatch global database, investigate zooxanthellae and identify coral genus. Apart from lectures and in-class curriculum linked activities, we will explore and learn about the reef during snorkel trips and low tide reefwalks.

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Past Teacher PD

Analysing real-life coral reef data as a resource in your classroom
14 November 2018 - The University of Queensland, QLD, AUSTRALIA
In this interactive CoralWatch data workshop, participants discovered the wide range of education materials CoralWatch has on offer and learned how they can use the publically accessible global coral bleaching database for science. This real-life data platform holds information on >220.000 corals from >1880 reefs in 79 countries and is an excellent resource. Even without collecting data yourself, data can be extracted from the database and analysed to compare coral health observations between e.g. reefs, countries or over time. In addition, CoralWatch provided some background on coral reefs, coral bleaching and the CoralWatch program. The reef is a perfect teaching subject and can be used cross-curriculum. For those that have access to the reef, we highlighted how students can use the simple Coral Health Chart to collect scientific validated coral health data and contribute to a worldwide citizen science project.

Future expression of interest
‘Passing on CoralWatch skills’
The program has helped increase my knowledge of marine environments and enhanced practical skills and research techniques. At our teacher PD on Heron Island we had lectures about coral bleaching, how to use CoralWatch survey slates, coral classification and setting up permanent transects and tagging coral colonies for regular surveys on the Heron Island reef flat. I’ve passed on these skills to the students so we could apply CoralWatch surveys and techniques to the local area, around Great Keppel Island, and use CoralWatch techniques in Year 11 Biology ecology assessment and Year 10 Marine Operations. The CoralWatch program has also provided an opportunity to collaborate with current research scientists and leading professors in coral reef biology.
Phill Bessel
Rockhampton Grammar School