In September 2020, a group of people passionate about the Great Barrier Reef, kindly lend their face to CoralWatch social media campaign ‘Come Join our Watch”.

If you see these pictures of wonderful people’s faces appear on facebook, Instagram or twitter, please share them with your networks to help get more people ‘liking’ and following CoralWatch on social, helping the Great Barrier Reef. We quite simply need as many people as possible watching out for our reef.

Our youngest hero in this campaign is Elijah Richardson. He is only 7 years old and he has spread the word already in the newspaper (newsmail), on the radio (ABC Radio Wide Bay), and on tv, in the Project. You can follow all his amazing environmental activities on facebook.

– Follow us on social media, like us on facebook, instagram and twitter and receive updates about the reef.
– Become a citizen scientist and CoralWatch member. Get ready, its easy.
Save reefs from home. The biggest threat to reefs is climate change. Help reduce carbon emmisions, choose a more sustainable lifestyle.
– Share CoralWatch within your networks, we need more eyes on the reef. The reef needs us all!

A massive thanks to our amazing production team: Rem Bruijn, creative director Brainheart, Damien Bredberg – Photographer, Clash Studio Josh Baird, Lukas Russell, Anastasia Yves Lihou, Justin McDonald, Mike Lange, Pat Dwyer, Trelise Blade, Cutting Edge Post Annika Damon, Tyler McLoughlan, The Sound Pound, Melissa Watter, Michele Hele, Barbara Cox, Sequel PR. They help us PRO BONO! all just for the LOVE of the REEF.