The waters of the Capricorn Coast, Central Queensland are a marine environment of stunning beauty extending from Rockhampton to Gladstone and including Keppel Bay and Port Curtis. The area is home to coral, seagrass and mangrove habitats that support diverse marine species and ecosystem services such as tourism, education, and commercial and recreational fishing. The aim of this education package is to showcase this marine environment and its importance, promote everyday actions improving the coastal & marine environment, and provide opportunities for people to participate in local environmental monitoring and education activities. The education package includes coral Identification sheets, information leaflets, posters and a science lessons booklet for Year 7. This package is part of the educational resources produced for the CoralWatch program.This ‘Capricorn Coast – Corals at Your Doorstep’ education package was initiated by CoralWatch Ambassador David Kopelke, produced by CoralWatch and Hodgeenvironmental and proudly supported by The Fitzroy Basin Association. Additional support has been provided by the partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. This package is the second in the ‘Corals at Your Doorstep’ series. Our original ‘Moreton Bay – Corals at Your Doorstep’ education package was produced in 2016, and supported by Port of Brisbane. We hope to release our ‘Coral Coast – Corals at Your Doorstep’ education package in 2020. 250 Capricorn Coast kits have been produced which will be distributed to Central Queensland schools in both the state and private systems. Teachers will be provided with ongoing support by CoralWatch ambassadors and the Queensland State Department of Education environmental education centres. You can download most of the new materials from our website.