Help collect useful data about reef and coastal health through citizen science programs.

Activities are led by Reef Citizen Science Alliance members and partners. The Alliance is a network of coastal and marine citizen science programs collaborating to amplify citizen science that contributes to the health and resilience of Queensland’s reefs. Events are held in multiple coastal locations throughout October, both on land and on the Reef. Be inspired and take an active role in understanding and protecting the reef.Check out how to get involved.

Activities included surveys of critical habitats (like reefs & mangroves), wildlife (such as coastal birdlife and marine megafauna), and signs of stress (like coastal marine debris). In addition to collecting data, some events included restoration activities such as revegetation and beach clean ups.

CoralWatch is organising a Moreton Bay cruise where we will observe local coral habitats using drop cameras, underwater footage and CoralWatch Coral Health Charts on board the ‘MV Inspiration’ and learn about the importance of the Bay and environmental issues such as coral bleaching. This event is supported by Moreton Bay Environmental Education Centre and Port of Brisbane. Tickets are available from our online shop. 

The Great Barrier Reef is worth protecting. The Great Barrier Reef is under pressure, but is a critical ecosystem that deserves our help now. Get involved in a citizen science or local action project with ReefBlitz!